Facilitator: Richmond
Recorder: Richmond


  • Turkey Trot Dance this Friday
  • Faculty Meeting this afternoon
  • 6th grade Pubshare list
  • Concert Program for December 14th
  • Article shared with group

Dates to Remember
  • Next Wednesday, 11/24 is Early Dismissal for students; Flood make-up for staff?
  • Thursday and Friday, 11/25-11/26 Thanksgiving

Facilitator: Richmond
Recorder: Richmond

Elective PLT Members in attendance: Bizzell, Drake, Pratt, Richmond, Lane, Mason, Colson
Start Time: 8:35am

  • Mr. Cummings shared information concerning alternative school options
  • SIT after school at 3:45
  • Parent Night discussion scheduled on December 14th
Dates to remember
November 24th Half Day

Facilitator: Pratt
Recorder: Richmond

Elective PLT Members in attendance: Bizzell, Drake, Pratt, Richmond, Lane, Mason, Colson
Start Time: 8:35am
  • Revised, finalized and approved Behavior Matrix. Copies will be made and put in everyone's box
  • New Wheel to begin on November 8,2010- print rosters for Ms. Hill
  • Parent Night November 8th at 6pm. Report Cards will go home.
  • Curriculum Meeting Wednesday, if applicable.
Facilitator: Pratt
Recorder: Richmond

Elective PLT Members in attendance: Bizzell, Drake, Pratt, Richmond, Lane, Conoly
Start Time: 8:35

  • Behavior Management Plan
  • Clubs - send student list to all faculty
  • faculty meeting after school @ 3:45
  • NCWise Grades

Dates to Remember for October/Novemeber:
Oct. 28 - Grades due by 3:00
Oct. 29 - End of Grading Period
Nov. 1 - half day for students
Nov. 2 - teacher workday - MindSet Physical Training
Nov. 8 - parent night
Nov. 11 - Veterans Day
Nov. 24 - half day for students
Nov. 25-26 - Thanksgiving break

Facilitator: Janet Bizzell
Recorder: Matthew Pratt
Elective PLT Members in attendance: Bizzell, Drake, Mason, Pratt, Richmond, Colson, Robbins, Lane
Start Time: 8:35

  • Welcome Mr. Lane!!!
  • presentation by Ms. Robbins on child abuse, suicude, etc.. and how to report them to the appropriate people.
  • curriculum meeting this afternoon.

Dates to Remember for October:
Oct. 27 - Staff Meeting
Oct. 28 - Grades due by 3:00
Oct. 29 - End of Grading Period

Next Week;
Facilitator: Pratt
Recorder: Richmond
Facilitator: Janet Bizzell
Recorder: Matthew Pratt
Elective PLT Members in attendance: Bizzell, Drake, Mason, Pratt, Richmond, Colson, Conoly, Cummings
Start Time: 8:35

  • Mr. Cummings and Mrs. Conoly demonstrated and responded to questions regarding the new online Teacher Evaluation tool.
  • Amy Mason: NC Wise grades

Dates to Remember for October:
Oct. 13 - SIT
Oct. 15 - Verify Class list NC Wise
Oct. 27 - Staff Meeting
Oct. 28 - Grades due by 3:00
Oct. 29 - Curriculum Meeting (Math, Science, PE, Tech, Business)
Oct. 29 - End of Grading Period

Facilitator: Amy Mason
Recorder: Janet Bizzell
Elective PLT Members in attendance: Bizzell, Drake, Mason, Pratt, Richmond
Start Time: 8:35

October 20, 2010 - Curriculum Meeting with Ms. Conoly after school in media center
  • 6th Period wheel for 6th graders last period of the day
  • 7th & 8th graders will be pulled out of class starting, Monday October 11, 2010 for AA
  • Teacher Standard Evaluation procedures
  • Next meeting facilitator: Janet Bizzell
  • Recorder: Mr. Pratt
  • Meeting ended at 9:20

Facilitator: Amy Mason
Recorder: Janet Bizzell
Elective PLT Members in attendance: Bizzell, Drake, Mason, Pratt, Richmond
Start Time: 8:35
  • Schedule changes-Mrs. Conoly
  • Core subject to collaborate with
Meeting ended at 9:25

Elective PLT Members: Knoerl, Mason, Pratt, Bizzell, Drake, Richmond
To respond to an idea or make a suggestion, click on the grade level tab to the left and use the Discussion tab at the top! 09/29/2010Start Time 8:35amOur goal is to continue to discuss collaboration with the core subjects,grades and schedule questions.
  • Has everyone chosen a core subject to work with.
  • Ms. Mason expressed her concerns with the schedule and consistence.
  • Mrs. Conoly discussed strategies to collaborate with core subjects.
Facilitator: Mr. Drake Recorder: Mr. Drake
Meeting ended at 9:15
09/15/2010Start Time 8:35amOur goal is to continue to talk about collaboration and news from the School Improvement Team.
  • Has everyone spoke to a core teacher about collaboration?
  • Has everyone chosen a core subject?
  • S.I.T. information
  • Grades
We will continue to decide which subject that we will collaborate with.
We discussed S.I.T. issues and prepared to join committee's
We discussed how grades are to be placed on interims.
Facilitator: Mr. Drake Recorder Mr. Drake
Meeting ended at 9:15am
09/08/2010Start Time 8:35amOur goal is to discuss the new elective schedule and collaborating with core teachers to help increase math and L.A. scores.
  • Does everyone like the new schedule?
  • Discuss pro's and con's of the schedule.
  • When will a band class begin?
  • Choose a core subject or teacher to collaborate with and share pacing guide or lesson plans.

We discussed our "+" and "-" of the new schedule.
We discussed asking students to enroll in band once the new teacher begins.
Each teacher should have spoken to a core teacher about collaboration before the next meeting.
The meeting ended at 9:15am
Facilitator: Mr. Drake Recorder: Mr.Drake
09/01/2010Start Time 8:35amOur goal for this meeting is to discuss the students schedule and find solutions to schedule problems.
  • Students are not finding their classes
  • Too many students in a class
  • Students are coming to class late
  • Students being pulled out for Stepping Stones

We compared schedules to find out if students are on two different teachers schedules during the same class period.
We discussed changing students schedules so they could be successful.
We discussed what would happen when we have a band class.
Would a band class reduce our classroom numbers.
We will have to wait to see how many students are going to stepping stones and this may reduce class size.
The meeting ended at 9:15am
Facilitator: Mr. Drake Recorder: Mr. Drake

A good wiki posting will have the following criteria:
Date of posting, Team's Goal (should not change until met), Big Ideas Presented (bullets), Actions to Take, Success Stories, Facilitator & Recorder Names


Morning 10/07/2009
Facilitator: Mr. Drake; Recorder: Ms. Mason

Points of Interest:
  • Roles of Recorder and Facilitator
  • Consensus at meetings, not majority
  • Begin PLT meetings on TIME!
  • Absentee will "make up" meeting by contacting facilitator of missed meeting, discuss meeting ideas with three to four other team members and then ultimately post a comment, concern or feedback to ensure accountability and earn CEU.
  • Elective PLT team will meet every Wed at 8:50 in room 101, if Mason is absent, Meeting will take place in 104 (Mr. Drake)
  • Group will post top three "Teacher Needs" on wiki and as a group we will agree to the most Important ones at next meeting.

Tool 1.3 My top three picks are 1., 2., and 10. Thanks, S. Newton
Tool 1.3 My top three picks are 3., 6., and 7. Musically yours, R. Knoerl
Tool 1.3 - My top three picks are 3, 6, and 9. Thanks! A. Hinson

Morning 10/14/2009
Facilitator: Mr. Drake; Recorder: Ms. Mason

Goal: The Goal of the elective team will be to systematically analyze the 6th, 7th and 8th grade core class pacing guides in order to establish and maintain connections between core classes and elective classes through lesson planning.

  • Decided on goal for our Elective Team by brainstorming ideas.
  • Peer Observations were menitoned as a great idea...if we decide to observe a peer, we must arrange for coverage within our team and notify Mr. Cummings 2 days ahead.
  • Mr. Drake suggested we share, via wiki, any integrations we are executing in our elective classes.
  • Mrs. G suggested we use PLT time to plan and analyze pacing guides of other teachers.
  • Mrs. Hinson will assume Recorder's position next week and Facilitator will be carried out by Ms. Mason

Wednesday, 10/21/2009
Facilitator: Ms. Mason; Recorder: Ms. Hinson
In attendence: Ms. Mason, Mr. Pratt, Ms. Hinson, Ms. Bizzell, Ms, Gold, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Drake, Ms. Newton
  • STS Grades - For 6th and 8th grades, the grades we get from STS will be the grade for the rotating elective missed. For 7th grade, we will average the STS grade with the 7th Grade Primary Grade.
  • Ms. Hinson will give a workshop on Microsoft Excel on the Oct. 29 half day.
  • Ms. Hinson and Ms. Newton will work together on all Language! student schedules so they are not rotating through primary classes.
  • Mr. Drake brought up issues of bouncing during 3rd period -- elective teachers who bounce during 3rd period, please send to Ms. Newton, Ms. Hinson, Ms. Bizzell, or Ms. Gold.
  • Don't forget to use the discipline logs to enter in discipline issues.
  • Next week we will begin looking at the pacing guides of the grade levels.~

~Hi, Team! Sorry I missed last week. Looking forward to seeing you all today! Do we have a schedule for who is the facilitator and the recorder? thanks! garguilo
~ Hey there TEAM!!! Sorry for my absence the whole week due to double pneumonia...better now and the musical-energy is back!
Ms. Mason and I reviewed how we are going to enter disciplinary actions onto the discipline logs for all three grades. This will help us to have consistent documentation. Great plan!

Wednesday, 10/28/2009
Facilitator: Ms. Mason; Recorder: Ms. Hinson
In attendence: Mr. Drake, Ms. Bizzell, Ms. Newton, Ms. Gold, Mr. Pratt, Ms. Hinson, Ms. Mason, Mr. Cummings, Mrs. Garguilo, Mrs. Knoerl

  • STS - will be a separate grade next nine weeks -- not a part of the elective grade. The students in STS will NOT be on the elective roster of the class they miss. Starts November 9.
  • Excel Worskhop - Thursday, October 29 at 1:30 in Mrs. Saunders' lab.
  • LA! Classes - Ms. Newton has changed the schedules of the students in LA! so that they do NOT rotate through Primary classes. These students now have two primary electives and go to PE one day a week.
  • Pacing Guides - Mr. Cummings will bring 6th grade pacing guides to the meeting next week so that we can begin making connections between 6th grade curriculum and our own.
  • School Links - Be sure to sign up for the appropriate workshops, sign IN on the official School Link Roster, and Submit Evaluations within 10 days. Even if you were at a workshop, if you didn't sign the attendence roster or submit the evaluation, you will NOT get credit after the fact.
  • Positive Behavior Incentive Program - Ms. Newton and Ms. Mason presented a Positive Incentive Behavior Program to implement for the elective team. Students will receive "Cougar Cash" (tickets) for positive behavior. The "Cougar Cash" store will be open every Friday so students can spend their "Cougar Cash" on school supplies, or they can "bank" (save) their "Cougar Cash" and spend on a Movie and Popcorn (or similar reward) at the end of the nine weeks. Ms. Newton volunteered to be the administrator of the program.
  • Goal revision - since behavior is an issue in the elective classes, next week we will look at revising our current goal to include the Postive Behavior Incentive Program.

Wednesday, 11/04/09
Facilitator: Ms. Hinson, Recorder, Robin Knoerl
In attendance:Mr. Drake, Ms. Bizzell, Ms. Newton, Ms. Gold, Mr. Pratt, Ms. Hinson, Ms. Mason, Mr. Cummings, Mrs. Garguilo, Mrs. Knoerl

  • Elective Schedules - Send any roster changes to Ms. Hinson to update elective schedules.
  • S.I.P - School Improvement Plan is under revision. Elective teachers discussed Virgo's status under criteria of A-A1 of SIP. SIT has their hands full with this revision.
  • Goal Update - Team agreed to make positive incentive program our priority goal. -​

Thursday, 11/12/09
Facilitator: Ms. Hinson, Recorder, Robin Knoerl
In attendance: Mr. Pratt, Mrs. Garguilo, Ms. Mason, Mrs. Bizzell, Ms. Hinson, Mrs. Knoerl, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Drake
  • New Goal: To create and implement a positive behavior incentive program to encourage and reward positive behavior in all students.

Watch printers - Mr. Cummings brought to our attention the garbage that is being printed to Mrs. V's room. Please do not let this happen.
  • Positive Behavoir Incentive Program -
    • Major reward each nine weeks is an afternoon at the movies (in our auditorium).
    • Ms. Mason and Mrs. Newton will come up with the Cougar Cash plan.
    11-12-09 Hello everyone! I was unable to make the meeting today due to the day change. I'll check back later to see what was discussed in the meeting. When we have a chance to discuss what rewards we would like and how many "Cougar Cash" Tickets each reward needs, then we wll be ready to start implementing positive behavior. I think we will see a difference school- wide. I look forward to meeting with you next week. I am thankful for all of you! Keep up the gr 11-14-09 Hi From Ms. Gold, and I also missed the meeting due to our"School to Work' Filed Trip. Our "Positive Incentive Program" is a great goal for our team. I look forward to our meeting next week. I do have a roll of lottery type tickets, if we want to save on paper, that could be implemented as Cougar Cash"

  • 11-16-09 Hello, it's me again. I have a power point presentation to share with you on Wed. about my ideas for the Cougar Cash plan. I have asked parents to donate blow pops, tootsie roll pops, and wrapped candy so we can also give things besides what the school can supply. I look forward to meeting with you on Wed. S. Newton :)

Wednesday, 11/18/2009
Facilitator: Mrs. Knoerl
Recorder: Mr. Pratt
In Attendance: Mr. Drake, Ms. Bizzell, Ms. Newton, Ms. Gold, Mr. Pratt, Ms. Hinson, Ms. Mason, Mr. Cummings, Mrs. Gargulio, Mrs. Knoerl

  • Discussed updating the elective spreadsheet to inslude students who have transfered, STS, new students, etc...


Dec. 3rd will be the "kick off" date. It will be held during the day with the band performance.
  • Students will have several alternative choices for rewards (ex. candy, school supplies, movie, etc..)
  • The ultimate reward will be viewing a movie that will meet SCS goals. The movie will be shown in the auditorium. Exit questions will be asked for a chance to earn extra Cougar Cash. All students that are eligible for the movie will view the movie during 5th and 6th periods.
  • The movie will require 3 tickets for this month only! To be eligible the student must have 3 tickets and have no ASRL or OSSP from the "kick off" date of Dec. 3rd. Tickets will be collected in advance for the movie and all tickets that are turned in are non-refundable.
  • Ms. Mason and Ms. Newton put together a power point to be shown to the students explaining the program. Ms. Newton presented the power point to the elective team for approval. The power point will be update with the changes needed and presented to the students on Dec. 3rd

November 19, 2009 - please review email and attachment so that we may finalize the Pos. Beh. Inct. program...thanks to all. ajmason

Wednesday Dec. 2, 2009
Facilitator: Mrs. Knoerl
Recorder: Mr. Pratt
In Attendance: Mr. Newton, Mr. Drake, Ms. Gargulio, Ms. Gold, Ms. Bizzel, Ms. Mason, Ms. Hinson, Mrs. Knoerl, Mr. Pratt

  • A column will be created for STS grades on the Pubshare spreadsheet.
  • Possible regrouping students for their primary elective classes. Will continue to discuss during next weeks meeting.

  • We continued to review and revise the program. We have decided to allow students that have the correct amount of tickets and have had ASRL or OSSP to be eligable for the movie.
  • Kick off for the program will take place on Jan. 4th. This will allow us with 3 weeks left in the 9 weeks. 10 tickets will be required for the 3 weeks. The following 9 weeks the ticket price will increase.
  • We continued to discuss possible awards. One idea was a dress down day within guidelines of policy to take place on the last Friday of the month. Students who have enough tickets will purchase a certificate in advance with their name and date of their dress down day. This idea will be reviewed by Mr. Cummings to make sure this is a possible reward for the students excellent behavior.
Hello everyone. Sorry I was not able to attend this meeting. It sounds like you have it all under control and moving along nicely with the Positive Behavior Incentive Program. I look forward to meeting with you again next week. :) Sharon Newton

Thursday, December 10, 2009
Facilitator: Mr. Pratt
Recorder: Ms. Bizzell
In Attendance: Ms. Bizzell, Mr. Drake, Ms. Gold, Ms. Hinson, Ms. Knoerl, Ms.Mason, Ms.Newton, Mr. Pratt

Goal: (Priority Goal)
To create and implement a Positive Behavior Incentive Program to encourage and reward positive behavior in all students.

*Meeting was called to order by Mr. Pratt.
*Open with notes from last meeting.
*We continued to review and revise the Postive Behavior Incentaive Program.
*Ms. Mason went over examples of postive incentive rewards.
Number of Tickets
Paper/Notebook Paper
Sketch Book
Dress Down Day
Pop Corn/Drinks @ Movie
Guitor Hero-Future Prize

*Incentive Program will start January 4, 2010.
*Moderation of Primary Elective Schedule, Moving students around during primary. Decided to keep schedule as is during the primary period.
*Mr Drake:
  • Boot Camp will begin, April 19, 2010 to May 14, 1010.
  • May 17th - May 21st, we may get students back so core teachers can review material that students have questions about. Thuis depends on the SIT vote at the next meeting. January 13th. The vote maybe to have Boot Camp for five weeks, till May 21st.
  • EOG testing: May 24-26th
  • May 27th-28th Enrichment
  • Restest begin June 1st.
  • Book Club: Jan 12th 6:30-8:00
  • Spirit Week, Jan11th-15th
*Christmas Spirit: Ms. Hinson will participate in Christmas program
  • First Baptist Church of Wilmington, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 7:00 PM
  • Windemere, in Wilmington, Sunday-10:00AM
*Meeting was ajourned

Great incentive plan and prizes for our Positive Behavior Incentive program. I do have a few students that need to come to a different elective class as their 3rd period primary elective.Chorus is a performing group, and these students impede upon the progress of others that have a positive attitude and work as a TEAM. They will do better in a "non-performing" class. If you can accept these students beginning 3rd quarter, thank you. Robin

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Happy New Year!
Facilitator: Ms. Bizzell
Recorder: Ms. Newton
In Attendance: Ms. Newton, Ms. Bizzell, Mr. Drake, Ms. Gold, Ms. Hinson, Ms. Knoerl, Mr.Newton, Mr. Pratt, Ms. Garguilo, Ms. Starek

Goal: (Priority Goal)
To create and implement a Positive Behavior Incentive Program to encourage and reward positive behavior in all students.

Reviewed Old Business
  • Positive Behavior Incentive Program will be presented and will start on January 20.
  • Business primary class wil change after 1st semester. (Ms. Bizzell).
  • Ms. Gold's School to Work class will change due to Hospital not allowing them to come.

New Business
  • Welcome, Katherine Starek from UNCW, she is a student intern with Ms. Hinson.
  • Ms. Mason has great postive character traits on the board, we should all post these around the school and our classes.
  • For the presentation we will do role play. Ms. Newton and Ms. Knoerl gave examples.

Dates to Remember
  • VOCATS testing, January 6, 2010
  • All District Band Auditions, January 9th, Ms. Hinson asks that we encourage the 9 students participating.
  • Spirit Week, January 11-15
  • Winter Gala Dance, January 15 at 4:00
  • MLK Holiday, January 18, NO SCHOOL
  • Half day for students, January 21
  • Report card grades due by January 22, no school-undesignated
  • Feb. 23, Cougar Cafe, Ms. Garguilo requests that elective teachers have students to participate by sharing a musical talent, art work, etc.
  • Mr. Drake reminded us all to make sure we sign the sign in sheets and fill out evaluation on School Links.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Facilitator: Ms. Bizzell
Recorder: Ms. Newton
In Attendance: Ms. Newton, Ms. Bizzell, Mr. Drake, Ms. Gold, Ms. Hinson, Ms. Knoerl, Mr.Newton, Mr. Pratt, Ms. Garguilo, Ms. Starek, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Newton, Ms. Mason

Goal: (Priority Goal)
To create and implement a Positive Behavior Incentive Program to encourage and reward positive behavior in all students.

New Business:
  • E-mail from Ms. Hoffmier: Per Mr. Cummings request, 8th grade teachers MUST log all bounces and referrals in the 8th grade discipline chart in pubshare under 2nd nine weeks. If you are unfamiliar with this folder, please come by and seee Ms. Hoffmier! Ms. Mason reviewed how to do this visually on the computer.
  • PBC Presentation Ms. Mason reviewed the Power Point of the PBC program, we discussed the skits and Mr. Drake suggested those people doing the skits should meet on their own time to plan them. Ms. Mason suggested someone make an agenda for the day of the presentation. We reviewed the Power Point and made corrections as we went. Ms. Gold had great ideas for skits. Ms. Garguilo worte a letter to go out to parents on January 21. Cougar Cash Store will be open on Fridays from 8:00 to 8:30 for students to redeem Cougar Cash and also to bank Cougar Cash.
  • Any SIT information give to Drake before noon today.
  • Winter Gala Dance Friday from 4-6 cost $2.00, there will also be a dance on February 12 by Mrs. Van Pelt and her class and there will also be a polar plunge sponsered.
  • Mr. Newton made an announcement that NO ONE is allowed to come to lunch early. DO NOT leave your class before the lunch bell rings!!
  • We will have a new full time deputy starting January 25. Deputy Bennett.
  • Next Meeting January 20. Sharon Newton- Facilitator, Martha Gold- Recorder
1/18/10: please read email and submit supply lists corrections/additions to me....thank you, Ms. Mason

PLT Meeting Jan. 20th 2010
Facilitator: Ms. Newton
Recorder: Ms. Gold
Present : Ms. Gold, Mr. Pratt, Mr. Drake, Ms. Newton, Ms. Knoerl, Ms. Hinson, Ms. Bizzel, Ms. Garguilo, Ms. Starek, Mr. Cummings
Goal: Positive Incentive Program PBC "Positively Behaved Cougars"
New Business: Rehearse Power Point and Skit for Positively Behaved Cougar Assembly
  • Decided on Parts and Stage Setting
  • Ms. Mason will be the "Master of Ceremonies", MC Ms. Mason
  • Ms. Knoerl, Ms. Newton, Ms. Gold, and Ms. Mason in the Play(Skit)
  • Mr. Drake, Ms.Starek will hold up posters
  • Date For movie/ end of 9 weeks
  • Mr. Drake discussed the upcoming "Boot camp" and our roles
  • Boot Camp Begins April 19th and ends May 14th. Teachers may meet with the "group captain" to decide on your subject. There will be approx. 10 students per class.
  • Mr. Drake brought up the AVID opening for next year
  • Our next meeting will be Wed. Jan. 27, Ms. Newton Facilitator, Ms. Gold Recorder
Thursday Jan. 21, 2010 Sucess story
Our assembly went really well. Thanks to our team for all the hard work. Ms. Mason did a great job as MC!Posting by Ms. Gold
Wed. Jan 27, 2010 PLT Meeting
Goal: To promote leadership and positive behavior. "Positively Behaved Cougars"
Facilitator:Ms. Newton
Recorder: Ms. Gold
Present: Gold, Newton , Pratt, Garguilo, Mr. Cummings, Bizzell, Hinson , Starek, Drake, Mason, Knoerl
New Business:Grades and Scheduling
Third Nine Weeks Schedule Changes:
Ms. Bizzell is putting together a third period primary class and has asked the other teachers which students they would like or have in the other elective classes. This will be a 7th grade class and will take the VOCATS
Mr. Cummings expressed his appreciation to our team for handling the scheduling difficulties "with little complaint and have dealt with any issues."
Mr. Cummings also has requested that Ms. Gold teach a second period Business class (8th grade) that will also be tested(to meet state requirements).
Ms. Gold has e mailed a list of students to the team, and we have placed all the students in elective class to accommodate this second period class.
Mr. Cummings advised us that we would have a second PE teacher next year and the scheduling would be better.
He also advised us that there will be no more than 22 students in each elective.
Ms. Garguilo has been busy organizing AVID for next year and recommendations are due by April 19th .
Ms. Newton said "the first day of the store being open was a big success."
Next Week: Ms. Gold is the facilitator and Ms. Garguilo is the recorder
FEB 3rd PLT Meeting:
New Business:The Store

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 PLT Meeting
Facilitator: Ms. Gold
Recorder: Garguilo
Old Business was reviewed
  • Cougar Store was well received; students are spending their Cougar Ca$h!!!
New Business
  • Store: concerns about Ms. Newton having duty on Friday; decided that Bizzell will take Newton's duty and Newton will continue store operation
  • 7th Grade Primary is now 3rd Period: concerns because students are being pulled for STS, groups, etc. from Primary; business students being tested are pulled; AVID students are being pulled; Band students are being pulled; discussion about possible solutions - could not be determined without administrator present
  • Request for AVID recommendation forms -- please rec. students for AVID for next year if the meet the criteria
Meeting Adjourned
Monday, Feb.15th 2010
Posting by Ms. Gold,
Mr. Bordeaux has been using our "Cougar Cash Incentive Program" as he has requested a number of tickets. I am glad our Positive Behavior program is being embraced by some of the other faculty. Overall, it has been very well received by the whole school and we, as a group have done a very nice job of making this all work, Thanks again to Ms. Dellinger for her good idea as a goal for our group. .

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 PLT Meeting
Facilitator: Group/Garguilo
Recorder: Garguilo
Present: Mason, Pratt, Drake, Bizzell, Knoerl, Newton/Dellinger, Hinson, Garguilo, Starek
  • Newton: Cougar Store organized, amounts labeled and "Bank" is on Clipboard for students who choose to "bank" their Cougar Ca$h
  • Garguilo: Based on current issues and concerns, along with discussions about desired schedules for electives, proposed brainstorm for Electives for next year
  1. List of possible electives to include: chorus, band, orchestra, art, library/media, PE, technology, business, AVID, STS Math, STS Reading, STS Science 8, Computer Skills 7th and 8th
  2. Students would rotate on a 5-week circuit, with year long electives being AVID, band, orchestra, performing chorus, performing art, technology, business... Students would still have two electives; if went to block scheduling or longer periods, could experiment with split classes to incorporate three or four electives for students
  3. This would allow for performing electives to keep students all year, AVID students to participate in other electives [including band/orch] and vice versa; while all students would have all electives for a period of time, as per the Middle School experience and PE requirements
  4. Administrator not present at the time to discuss, but when Garguilo brought it to Cummings later, he advised to draw up a proposal and present to SIT when scheduling meeting comes up next month
  • Mason: Next week's meeting, please bring roles/rosters to match up to Master Elective Roster
  • ONLY Hinson should be making changes to master Elective Schedule in PubShare
  • Next week: Facilitator - Garguilo; Recorder - Knoerl
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 PLT Meeting
Facilitator: Group/Garguilo
Recorder: Robin T. Knoerl
Present: Hinson, Pratt, Newton/Dellinger, Garguilo, Knoerl, Starek, Bizzell, Gold, Drake, Mason, Mr. Cummings, Saunders
. Hinson: Interims are in Pubshare/3rd 9weeks. Remember not to put in grades if another teacher is on.

1. Jane explained with a powerpoint demonstration that 8th graders have to take the computer skills test. Federal money is tied to
computer 10 proficiency standards. A Data Base will be set-up for tracking.
2. Mr. Cummings explained about any evidence that you have used or can use to set-up these electronig goals. Due date is locked-in
to April 19, 2010.
3. Dan explained that the SIT meeting on March 10, will draw up a proposal for a Block Schedule: 90/45 minute classes. PE 5 weeks
on 5 weeks off.

3/18th Hi, all! I am sorry I was not at our meeting - I was out sick. I heard that the movie is set for the half-day, so I wanted to let everyone know that I will volunteer to help in whatever way I can. Is there a particular job that needs filling? I had initially volunteered to monitor in the movie and clean up afterwards...but I will do whatever. Please let me know! Thanks! --garguilo

4/8/10 Ok, someone needs to update this WIKI!!! I was unable to attend yesterday's meeting and there are no notes to respond to. We need to get this page updated. Whoever has been recorder, don't forget it is your job to post on this WIKI. Please and Thanks, Sharon